Focused on growing and protecting your investment

As rental specialists we make sure you have peace of mind knowing that the management of your property investment is in good and capable hands! Partner with us to find the ideal tenant.

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Professional Marketing

Through our marketing we have become market leaders. We therefore attract more tenants, are able to screen better qualified tenants and prevent fewer vacancies.

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Legal Administration

We abide by all Consumer Protection Act procedures & related legal terms. We focus on timely legal handovers in cases of non-payment; advanced negotiations & comprehensive record keeping.

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Maintenance Management

With the use of the latest technology, we focus on cost-effective project management, conducting regular inspections, documenting, reporting & quality control.

Rental Asset Financial Management

Financial Management

Our financial practices & technologies allow for optimal payment automation, third party payment, on the fly reconciliation, built-in regulatory compliance, monthly reporting, risk management, payment reminders, letter of demand activation, annual investment reporting for tax purposes.

Our Value Proposition

The Process - How we do it

Before Occupation

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During Lease Term

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End of Lease Term

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