Transfer Process Image 1
  • Conveyancer receives the deed of sale / OTP from estate agent or seller
  • Conveyancer waits for conditions to be met (bond approval/subject to sale) bond attorney clearance from bank - before commencing with process
  • Conveyancer requests FICA documentation from both parties in order to draft the transfer documents and invest the buyer's deposit/ balance of purchase price
  • Conveyancer meets with both parties to sign transfer documents
Tansfer Process Image 2
  • Seller provides compliance certificates (electrical, plumbing, gas, beetle) before registration can take place
  • Conveyancer applies for rates clearance figures from municipality Conveyancer applies for levy clearance figures from managing agents Conveyancer applies for Home Owners Association consent if applicable
  • Transfer duty or VAT if applicable is paid by the buyer to the Conveyancer
  • Rates and tax clearance are received for 60 days in advance
Transfer Process Image 3
  • Transfer duties are paid over to SARS by Conveyancer
  • Seller and Buyer pays pro rata amount of levies based on date of registration
  • Homeowners consent to transfer issued for lodgement if applicable
  • Seller makes payment of rates to Conveyancer and they pay over to municipality
Transfer Process Image 4
  • Transfer duty exemption or VAT receipt issued for lodgement
  • Levy clearance certificate issued for Conveyancer's file
  • Rates clearance certificate issued by municipality Conveyancer's certificate is lodged with sectional title transfers stating all monies owing to relevant body corporate have been paid or provision has been made
  • LODGEMENT - all transfer/bond documents as well as existing bond cancellation documents required are lodged by the Conveyancer at Deed Office from examination
Transfer Process Image 5
  • Documents undergo a 3-level examination process by Deeds Office. This can take 6-10 working days
  • The deeds come up unto preparation for registration and Conveyancer has 5 working days to rectify any errors if necessary and thereafter hand in for execution
  • Registration process takes 8 - 12 weeks from start to finish